What You Should Know

 Did you know the Federal Reserve is printing $85 billion per month of new money through a program called Quantitative Easing? This is the 3rd round and like all the last programs it has to come to an end. Did you know this could be one of the greatest investment opportunities since the financial crash of 2008?

Let me explain…

The last time they ended Quantitative Easing 2 was June.31, 2011 and at the time gold was sitting at $1500 per ounce while silver was sitting at $34 per ounce. In less than 2 month of ending Quantitative Easing 2 by August.22, 2011 gold skyrocketed to over $1900 per ounce while silver moved to over $46. If you do the math that is a 35% increase in silver and a 27% increase in gold in LESS than 2 months! The reason this happened is because gold and silver are the ultimate hedge against the devaluation of the dollar and as they print more money… gold and silver become extremely valuable.

The time to buy gold and silver is now. If you are like me and you do not have immediate cash available to purchase gold and silver… then do what I did. I discovered a way to take an existing retirement account and move it into physical gold and silver you can hold, completely tax free WITHOUT your financial planner. 

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered...
-Thomas Jefferson

What You Should Ask

  Did you know that If you had purchased $33,000 worth of gold in 2001, you could sell that gold today for anywhere around $129,551.12 Thats over 300% return on investment! Has your current retirement account ever performed nearly  as well as a Gold IRA would have?

If you bought  $33,000 of gold back  in 1971 when the United States abandon the Bretton Woods Exchange under president Richard Nixon and held on to it during the last recent economic crisis you could sell that gold today for $1,155,000.00! Can you beat that with your current plan?


What Type Of Precious Metals – (Bullion Vs. Coins)?

Ensure that you purchase the best kind of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) that are eligible for IRAs and choose a custodian that can offer the very best secure storage facilities to properly protect your assets.  There are of course pros and cons for Gold Bullion vs. Gold Coins (rare/collectibles).

Do they offer a Buyback Program?

Does the company offer a Gold or Silver coin buy back program?  What happens when you want to unload your precious metals? Will you get fair value in return?

What Fees Are Charged? And What For.

Get a proper breakdown of all fees and what they are for, get this in writing as a phone conversation can be unclear and bear in mind that you are the client and they should be happy to answer all your questions, otherwise look elsewhere.

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A Bit Of History:

Did you know: Its was England’s requirement that Americans accept the Central Bank of England, one of the main reasons why Americans fought for independence in the 1770′s.

And from that point until 1913, some central banking systems came and went, depending on who was in office. President Andrew Jackson was very outspoken against central banking, and in 1835 he helped the U.S. not only become debt free, but there was actually a $440,000 surplus.

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